How To 100x Your Followers In Less Than A Week

When someone looks at your Instagram profile or your Facebook page, there’s nothing better than having a five-, six- or seven-figure follower number sitting there staring back at them. Displaying an epic number of people in your tribe is social proof that makes your next “follow” an easy win. 

But you can’t buy a car or a house by showing how many social media followers you have – they are not money in the bank. The number of followers shouldn’t be your golden metric, it should be the quality of your followers. At the end of the day, you don’t want just any random group of people in your online sphere. You want the right group of people following you. That way you can leverage your large following not just for vanity but also for bottom line sanity when they’re ready to buy from you. 

Kim Walsh Phillips is an expert in social media marketing and the founder of Powerful Professionals, a business coaching and education company. She’s built a seven-figure business teaching clients how to attract and sell to hundreds of thousands on social media. Here is her three-step process for skyrocketing your number of ideal followers across the top three platforms this week.

1. Decide On Your Who

“Before you start going after followers, figure out who your right-fit client, customer or patient is. Who do you enjoy working with? Which customers tend to be most profitable? Is it moms with toddlers, moms with teenagers, frustrated professionals with long commutes, karate senseis? 

“I call my right-fit client ‘Steve,’ says Walsh Phillips. “He’s a working professional who has owned his company for at least 3 years. Steve has generally relied on word of mouth marketing and referrals in order to grow his business. He is an action taker in both his personal and professional life, but when it comes to marketing, he doesn’t know what action to take next. Who are your people?” 

2. Set Up Your Profiles To Attract Them

“From your cover photo to the ‘About Section’ of your profiles, ensure that it is clear who you serve, and how you will make their life better if they choose to work with you,” suggests Walsh Phillips. “If your ideal customer tends to be into sports, make sure that you’re dropping athletic terms here and there and mentioning some of your favorite athletes. If the client you’re targeting tends to be adventurous, consider a cover photo that shows you zip lining or an intake questionnaire that asks about something brave they want to do. 

“Most importantly, make sure your web address, free gift with opt-in offer, ‘Book Now’ button, and other features are linked in your profile. That way, when your followers are ready to take the next step, they know exactly how to do it.”

3. Turn On The 100x Marketing Faucet

“While of course there is a benefit to growing other channels, with my 100x Method, I have my clients stick to the big three: Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn,” says Walsh Phillips. 

“For Facebook, click the “promote” button on your business page and create an ad using the ‘Promote your Page’ advertising feature. Choose a motivational quote that is five words or less with the text only taking up 20% of the space on your ad image. (Think: ‘You were made to thrive.’ Or ‘I can and I will.’ We find black text and a yellow background work best. Now, here’s the key: Select an “interest” targeting your focus on the right-fit customer that you identified and choose the location as worldwide.  

“You will bring followers in for pennies each. And if your market isn’t worldwide, after you’ve reached 10,000 new followers, duplicate your campaign and flip one of them to your local market so that you can continue to grow your following—and at a much lower cost than you would need to invest if you started local from the start.

“Then move over to your LinkedIn page. Create a “Dream 100 List” of key prospects who work within your target market and connect with them on the platform so that they will begin to see your posts in their feed. If you’re a health coach catering to busy working moms, for example, look for women in the c-suit. If you’re a copywriter, look for business owners in the niche you serve. You can also add your new LinkedIn contacts to a spreadsheet, upload it to Facebook and target your Dream 100 List for pennies a day,” suggests Walsh Phillips.

“Now head over to your Instagram feed. Here, it’s all about the hashtags and the ‘promote’ button. First, find gurus in your niche and see what hashtags they are using. Test different ones on your page switching up the ones you use every few days. For the posts that perform the best, click the “promote” button, send viewers to your profile and choose “automatic” placement. For just a few dollars a day you can get massive post distribution and increase your following.”

Using Walsh Phillips’ buildable strategy outlined above, you should see a sizable uptick in your social media marketing metrics!

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