Oqton raises $40 million to apply AI to additive manufacturing

The 2021 digital toolkit – How small businesses are taking charge Learn how small businesses are improving customer experience, accelerating quote-to-cash, and increasing security. Register Now Oqton, a startup developing a factory operating system that integrates engineering software with manufacturing hardware, today raised $ 40 million. The company says the funds will be used to […]


Never Zoom Alone

January 15, 2021 11 min read Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Last week, I attended a Zoom presentation an entrepreneur had given to a group of potential investors in his startup. I felt it was a brilliant idea, the kind that makes you ask, “Why hasn’t anyone done this before?” However, the […]


Repeatable Processes are Good, But People Make the Business

Every business leader I know struggles with the competing demands of finding and keeping employees motivated and satisfied, versus building and enforcing a set of repeatable processes that work. Obviously, both are required for a company to stay healthy and growing. In my experience, providing people leadership is the tougher challenge, and the more critical one. As a […]